Friday, April 19, 2013

IMVU Credit Generator - Boost Your IMVU Experience

IMVU Credits Generator

IMVU with his almost 180 million registered users is one of largest online social entertainment websites today which is founded in 2004. What impress me even more about IMVU is that have world’s biggest virtual goods catalog with more than 12 million items, almost all are created by its large community. Also there is every day more than 300000 active players from all around world. But everyone needs free credits and now can have it with IMVU Credits Generator!

Free IMVU membership? 

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We all know that in IMVU you have free access (It’s free to play, well not actually). But as free user you can buy gift cards or purchase with credit card to get hold of virtual credits. As a free member you are allowed to register only a -Guest- avatar name, also can use chat service, buy virtual goods and make your own home page.
Now, purchasing a name removes -Guest- avatar name and also will have access to other sections in forum.  Yet most cool stuff require further payment, well that is not cool at all and we actually say that sucks. They want more and more money from us and we think enough of this!

About IMVU Credits Generator 


After extensive testing and tweaking we finally create working program called IMVU Credits Generator that works in all countries, so why to pay something with own hard earned money if you can get all nice and rare stuff at game for free! So in couple sentence I going to describe and explain what and how generator actually works.

How IMVU Credits generator works


In this Software is putted over 100.000 codes so you not need to be worried about will it be enough. When IMVU Hack is started it connects to our sponsor database, then all you need to do is select amount of credits (can select between 10k, 20k and 50k) that you want redeem on your IMVU account and click generate. After click at generate button need to wait couple second and free IMVU credit codes are out and ready for use. 

You have probably asked yourself; can I get banned by using this IMVU Credits Hack?  

Well yes and no, let me explain this in detail. On the initial tests we abused this generator utmost as we could. On time we generated over 450000 IMVU credits and we put all that on our test account. The other day account get banned, I guess that was way too much credits without paying for them.

On our second test account we went slowly and divided 200000 credits on seven days. Nothing happens, no ban. We continue to do so for about 2 months and that IMVU account is still active.

Unlike many others IMVU Credit Hack our is completely safe to use it allot times, not need to be worried about ban, also cannot be detected because it is not installed or associated with your account. Use it smart, don’t be greedy and do not use more 30k credits per day. 

Using IMVU Credits Generator is totally legal like you bought IMVU credits in store, just copy and paste codes in IMVU account and to confirm and you're ready to get all the cool stuff for free.

Download now new improved IMVU Credit Hack from button below and enjoy your game even more...